Lido AMM


Enhance your safety and efficiency during ground operations

Taxi with confidence

You will be well aware of the challenges while taxiing at the world’s largest and most congested airports.

The state-of-the-art solution Lido AMM makes your life easier.
It supports you in finding your way at almost every airport and is seamlessly integrated into Lido eRouteManual and Lido mPilot.

You can see all the information you need in relation to the airport environment on a highly accurate geo-referenced airport map.

Lido AMM shows the own-ship position with heading direction, highlights taxi destination and provides alert messages to prevent runway incursion, increasing pilots’ situational awareness during taxi operations.


Key features
  • Powered by Lido AMDB
  • Data visualized with Lido RouteManual standard
  • Improves situational awareness
  • Alert messages to prevent runway incursion
  • Own ship position display
  • Reduced head-down time
Key benefits
  • Enhanced taxi efficiency
  • Auto-display-arming and interaction functions
  • Auto-focus automatically displays own-ship position and taxi destination
  • Alert advisory messages when entering runway safety area, unanticipated runway or potential take-off on taxiway
  • Share content such as notes between two Lido AMM applications