Events & Online Conferences

IATA Digital, Data and Retailing Symposium 2021

Oct 26 - 28, 2021
Visit us at DDR Symposium on October 26-28 in Madrid, Spain.

How can the public be won over to the new transport mode?

Nov 11, 2021
This is the 6th edition of our online conference series "Let's talk about the future".

Lido User Group Conference 2021

Nov 16 - 18, 2021
In our online Lido User Group Conference you will learn about the latest product updates of our Lido Data Solutions, Lido Flight Planning Solutions and Lido Pilot Solutions.

149th IATA Slot Conference

Nov 16 - 19, 2021
Meet us in person at booth#50 at the 149th IATA Slot Conference in Rome, Italy on November 16-19, 2021.

Apex Expo 2021 Long Beach, California

30. Nov - 2. Dec 2021
Lufthansa Systems will attend the Apex Expo 2021 taking place at Long Beach, California.

To learn more about Lufthansa Systems and how we can add value to your business, we would be happy to engage into deeper conversations with you at your offices, at events, or our online conference series "Let's talk about IT" and "Let's talk about the future".