Lido eRoute Manual


All navigation charts required for your flight

Highest standards of precision and quality

The Lido eRoute Manual is an electronic version of our navigation charts, using the superior Lido Route Manual standard to visualize data.

Lido eRoute Manual is compatible with standard Windows environments.

All of our charts show true-to-scale topographical information such as mountain heights and  river courses and are oriented magnetic north up.

Lido AMM (Airport Moving Map) is seamlessly integrated into Lido eRoute Manual, enhancing situational awareness during ground operations and providing alert messages to prevent runway incursions.

The Tracks function displays former flown trajectories which can be displayed on the enroute map as well as on georeferenced SIDs and STARs. Based on this valuable information, cockpit crews can decide during briefing and flight about possible shortcut deviations from the planned routing (OFP) in order to save fuel.Connectivity brings out the most in Lido eRoute Manual.

Wireless data updates are fast and easy with the integrated Lido eRoute Manual Mobile Updater. Moreover, pilots can share a chart, import a complete flight set-up or even mirror their display in real-time to another connected instance of Lido eRoute Manual.

Last but not least, the Lido Route Manual Backup offers the charting content in case of the failure of electronic charting products or backend systems. The solution allows you to download all charts you need from a cloud.


Proudly partnered since 2014, Lido eRouteManual can be seamlessly integrated into Avio's EFB solution, AvioBook, allowing for split screen operation and easy uploading of flight plan routes.

The partnership between Teledyne and Lido Navigation enables pilots to connect their windows-based tablets to the avionics systems, allows for connectivity between all windows-based tablets on the flight deck, provides information on the aircraft's position and enables tactical data updates.

The partnership between Honeywell GoDirect Fuel Efficiency and Lido Navigation allows for filterable historical flight trajectories in our Lido eRoute Manual Tracks module, which improves situational awareness, tactical flight crew decision making and contains a trigger for viable DIRECT requests, contributing to potential fuel savings and flight time reductions.

Key features
  • Mobile updater provides easy data updates
  • Visualization of previously flown tracks help to save fuel
  • Sharing functionality reduces pilot workload on the flight deck
  • 3rd party integration
  • Data visualized with Lido Route Manual standard
  • Extensive configuration options
  • Integration of Lido AMM
Key benefits
  • Support of tablet devices including multi-touch gestures
  • Map centering and own ship position as options for worldwide enroute map and terminal charts
  • Selected approach and take-off procedures are highlighted on the chart
  • Integrated situational awareness features on airspaces and special areas
  • Availability of data overlay for the enroute map (SIGMET, escape routes)
  • Compatible with standard Windows environments