Lido mBriefing


A paperless briefing solution supporting pilots throughout all flight phases

Lido mBriefing allows pilots to transfer a flight plan into the Lido mPilot through the single tap of a button.

A paperless briefing solution integrated with Lido mPilot and Lido Flight 4D

The Lido mBriefing is an iOS-based mobile solution, designed to support pilots throughout all flight phases. The status of the briefing package is automatically synchronized across Lido Flight 4D, Lido Flight 4D Crew Briefing and Lido mBriefing. Before the flight, pilots have access to the flight list and fuel order. Furthermore, it is possible to transfer a flight plan into the Lido mPilot through the single tap of a button, easing pilots’ workload and reducing the human error factor in manually entering a flight plan. The split screen functionality allows pilots and dispatchers to view both applications simultaneously.

Inflight, pilots have access to all briefing information including the nav-log. Additionally, they are able to ask for ATC clearance with the single tap of a button. Finally, the solution supports retrospective data analysis to ensure that deviations from the planned route can be used for future route optimization.

Key features
  • Download briefing package and view all documents in offline mode
  • Add a pilot signature to the briefing package
  • Send briefing status to Lido Flight 4D
  • Starting in-flight operation
  • Usage of the Nav-Log and clearance section
  • Archiving briefing package in Lido Flight 4D Crew Briefing
Key benefits
  • Paperless briefing package
  • Electronic ATC approval
  • Seamlessly integrated into Lido mPilot