Lido Surface Data

Lido Navigation's standardized collection of obstacles - more than 1 million worldwide!
Man-made, fixed obstacles around the world!

Lido Surface Data covers over 1 million obstacles worldwide, including enroute and aerodrome obstacles. High antennas, towers and cranes are typical examples of obstacles included in the Lido Surface Data solution.

It is broadly used in ground proximity warning and awareness systems. Lido Surface Data is not only processed according to RTCA DO-200 and in line with the corresponding industry standards DO-276 and DO-291, it is also LoA type 1 certified and regularly audited by EASA.
Quality checks at every stage of the process guarantee high-quality data.

Preisträger Deutscher Mobilitätspreis 2017

Lufthansa Systems has received the German Mobility Award 2017 for Lido Surface Data.
This year’s competition, which was organized by the “Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative and the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, focused on groundbreaking best-practice projects relating to safety which are promoting the digital transformation of mobility so that people and goods can move around even more intelligently and safely in the future.

Watch this website to find out more (available in German Language):

Lido Surface Data - Understand customers needs
Key features
  • Standardized collection of obstacles, published by authoritative (official state) sources, such as Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP)
  • Worldwide enroute and aerodrome obstacles
  • Data processed according to RTCA DO-200 and in line with industry standards DO-276 and DO-291
  • LoA type 1 certified and regularly audited by EASA
Key benefits
  • Various exports formats (i.e. CSV, ESRI shape file, AIXM 5.1)
  • Flexible data filtering, allowing usage in a broad set of applications such as GPWS, Charting or SVS
  • Database updated every AIRAC cycle
  • Extensive metadata characterizing every obstacle in detail