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Product / SchedConnect

SchedConnect - Benefit from ideal codeshare connections

Codeshare management is an extremely complex task. Flight schedules are subject to frequent changes, leading to constant adjustments of your and your partners’ schedules. But codesharing is a winning process for you and your passengers. You increase your revenue by keeping travelers within your network, while your passengers enjoy smooth connecting flights.

Realize savings and increase your revenue with improved schedule quality
The quality of your schedule is one of the key basics for your internal effort and costs, your passenger bookings, and ultimately your revenue.

Increase your revenue by up to 15 million Euros a year by calculating ideal codeshare connections that improve your position in the CRS display and by identifying potential codeshare connections in your existing network that increase your bookings.

Reduce your costs by automating your processes for schedule receipt, codeshare assignment and schedule delivery and reduce the error rate and effort of manual intervention in your schedule management process.

SchedConnect boosts your business to a higher level!

Key features
  • Sophisticated Codeshare Connection Builder with preference evaluation and rule based flight number assignment
  • Automated schedule data import from partners with syntactical and logical quality checks according to IATA standard
  • Automated high performance schedule compare to verify schedule update impacts
  • Comprehensive codeshare flight management with automatic marketing flight generation and codeshare conflict handling
  • Codeshare scenario management
  • Intelligent schedule publication and real-time distribution mechanism by user-configurable rule-sets
  • Effective and rule based basic data editor for common and customer related basic data
  • Generation of custom-made statistics and reports based on schedule, including automated delivery in industry standard formats (csv, xls, xlsx, html, pdf)
  • Easy implementation into existing system landscapes due support of IATA standard formats
Key benefits
  • Use of ideal codeshare connections yields to additional potential revenue up to 15 million euros a year
  • Significant time savings in daily codeshare management tasks due to high level of automation
  • Reduction of mismatched operating and marketing flights minimizes booking errors and therefore leads to an increase in revenue
  • Fast integration of new codeshare partner to the own existing network decreases implementation costs

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Established in 1995
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