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Product / Lido/SurfaceData

Lido/SurfaceData - Man-made, fixed obstacles around the world!

Lido/SurfaceData covers over 1 million obstacles worldwide, including enroute and aerodrome obstacles. High antennas, towers and cranes are typical examples of obstacles included in the Lido/SurfaceData solution.

It is broadly used in ground proximity warning and awareness systems. Lido/SurfaceData is not only processed according to RTCA DO-200 and in line with the corresponding industry standards DO-276 and DO-291, it is also LoA type 1 certified and regularly audited by EASA.
Quality checks at every stage of the process guarantee high-quality data.

Key features
  • Standardized collection of obstacles, published by authoritative (official state) sources, such as Aeronautical Information Publications (AIP)
  • Worldwide enroute and aerodrome obstacles
  • Data processed according to RTCA DO-200 and in line with industry standards DO-276 and DO-291
  • LoA type 1 certified and regularly audited by EASA
Key benefits
  • Various exports formats (i.e. csv, shp)
  • Flexible data filtering, allowing usage in a broad set of applications such as GPWS, Charting or SVS
  • Database updated every AIRAC cycle
  • Extensive metadata characterizing every obstacle in detail

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Established in 1995
Established in 1995
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16 locations