We’re into IT

We're into IT: What exactly does that mean? For you? For us?

Quite simple: in our company work experts. People who are passionate about developing products and ideas or who have a solid consulting framework on their feet. We do this carefully and with a depth of detail that we can say: we merge with the IT-technological processes. And that is why we are "into IT".


Would you like to watch one or the other video? Have a look! We tell you about our We're into IT campaign at regular intervals.


We're into IT

Do you already know our image film "We're into IT"? Have fun watching it!

Our colleague Andreas, a real insider for pilot's applications

Our colleague Christian on the subject 'Lido Flight 4D'

Our colleague James on the subject 'Consulting Commercial Planning'

Our colleague Elke on the subject 'Consulting Flight Operations'

Our colleague Alex on the subject 'Consulting MRO and CAMO'

Our colleague Umar on the subject 'NetLine/Ops ++'

Our colleague Alina on the subject 'NetLine/Crew'

Our colleague André on the subject 'NDC meets ONE Order'