Fan Air Ltd. relies on Lido/mPilot from Lufthansa Systems

The Lido/mPilot iPad app supports pilots before, during and after a flight.

Navigation solution implemented for Ukrainian airline in just two weeks

Lufthansa Systems today announced that it has acquired Fan Air Ltd. as a new customer. The Ukrainian startup airline will use Lido/mPilot from Lufthansa Systems for the next five years. This navigation solution was implemented for the airline in the space of just two weeks after the contract was signed.

Lido/mPilot 3.0: First step towards fully dynamic navigation maps

Lido/mPilot 3.0 with its integrated Airport Moving Map shows the aircraft’s position during taxiing operations and increases pilots’ situational awareness.

Seamless integration – New generation of iOS navigation app from Lufthansa Systems includes dynamic Airport Moving Map showing aircraft position

Lufthansa Systems today announced the launch of a new release of its successful Lido/mPilot iOS navigation app. The highlight of the new generation is the integration of dynamic airport maps from Lido/AMM. The Airport Moving Map is now available both in the Windows-based Lido/eRouteManual app and on iOS. Lido/mPilot 3.0 can be found in the App Store.

Lufthansa Systems develops seamlessly integrated generation of flight planning and navigation solutions

The Lido product suite from Lufthansa Systems offers the perfect solution for every phase of flight operations – from gate to gate.

Further convergence of successful Lido product lines from airline IT specialist

Fortune 100 software-industrial company relies on data from Lido/SurfaceData

3D visualization and warning systems can improve flight safety thanks to Lido/SurfaceData.

Lufthansa Systems supplies avionics manufacturer with high-precision obstacle data

Lido/mPilot 2.0: Faster, more modern and featuring direct connectivity

Lido/mPilot 2.0 impresses with its more modern design, better performance and connectivity to avionics systems in the cockpit.

Lufthansa Systems releases a new generation of its navigation app for iOS

Lufthansa Systems today announced the release of Lido/mPilot 2.0, a comprehensive update to its successful navigation app for the iPad. The new-generation app features a more modern design, faster loading times, better performance and a Bluetooth connection to flight deck avionics systems. Existing customers can download Lido/mPilot 2.0 from the App Store and update their systems from September 2016.

Lufthansa Cargo uses Lido/mPilot from Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa Cargo uses Lido/mPilot from Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa Cargo uses solutions from Lufthansa Systems on its iPads. After introducing the DocSurf Mobile document library solution in March, the cargo carrier has now deployed a navigation app for flexible flight preparation and operation: Lido/mPilot.