EVA Air continues to rely on Lido/Flight from Lufthansa Systems

Airlines can optimally plan their routes with Lido/Flight 4D from Lufthansa Systems.

Taiwan-based Star Alliance member signs contract extension for the flight planning solution and migrates to the new Lido/Flight 4D product generation

Lufthansa Systems today announced that the Taiwanese airline EVA Air has renewed its contract for the Lido/Flight flight planning solution for another five years. EVA Air will also migrate to the new Lido/Flight 4D product generation, enabling the carrier to benefit from even better integration, a more modern graphical user interface, 4D optimization and extensively automated flight planning and control processes.

Lido/mPilot and Lido/eRouteManual continue their success story

The mobile map solutions from Lufthansa Systems support pilots before, during and after a flight.

Mobile navigation: Lufthansa Systems acquires multiple new customers

Lufthansa Systems today announced that it acquired multiple new customers for its Lido/Navigation mobile map solutions in the first half of 2017, including the airlines Sundair from Germany and Corendon Dutch from the Netherlands. The Turkish airline Freebird renewed its existing agreement and continues to use Lido/mPilot in its fleet.

Prepared for any event with Lido/RouteManual Backup

The cloud-based Lido/RouteManual Backup solution enables pilots to access the map data they need from anywhere.

Online service using Microsoft Azure cloud as a secure backup system for electronic navigation maps

Smooth flight operations are a top priority for airlines. Long delays or cancellations can result in high costs and damage to an airline’s image. Since pilots can not take off without navigation maps, backup solutions are essential to flight operations in case of a system failure. With its new cloud-based Lido/RouteManual Backup solution, Lufthansa Systems is offering a reliable and flexible online service as a digital backup for its electronic navigation maps.

Lufthansa Systems develops Lido/mBriefing as a mobile briefing solution for pilots

The new Lido/mBriefing app enables pilots to prepare for their flights on the move and receive updates directly on their tablet.

New app provides mobile support for every phase of flight operations

Icelandair opts for Lido/eRouteManual

The Windows-based Lido/eRouteManual app enables Icelandair pilots to benefit from paperless navigation.

Icelandic carrier to deploy navigation solution from Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa Systems today announced Icelandair as a new customer of its Windows-based Lido/eRouteManual navigation solution. The Icelandic carrier has also opted for the Lido/AMM (Airport Moving Map) add-on module. The two companies recently signed a five-year agreement to this effect.

Lufthansa Systems launches Lido/SurfaceData

Visualization and warning systems can improve flight safety thanks to Lido/SurfaceData.

EASA certified: New product delivers extremely precise worldwide obstacle data to software providers and avionics manufacturers

Lufthansa Systems develops new generation of aircraft navigation

Dynamic navigation maps enable seamless navigation from gate to gate

Lufthansa Systems today announced that it is developing dynamic navigation maps for its Lido/Navigation product line. A fully dynamic map solution is expected to be completed by 2019. With this development, the aviation IT specialist is responding to increasing digitalization and connectivity on the flight deck.

Hawaiian Airlines opts for mobile navigation with Lido/eRouteManual from Lufthansa Systems

Lido/eRouteManual enables Hawaiian Airlines pilots to benefit from paperless navigation.

New customer presents successful project at EFB Users Forum in Hawaii

Lufthansa Systems today announced that Hawaiian Airlines has become the latest customer for its Windows-based Lido/eRouteManual navigation solution. Lido/eRouteManual provides electronic navigation charts for all flight phases. From 2017, the entire Hawaiian Airlines fleet will navigate using Lido/eRouteManual.

Lido/mPilot 2.0: Faster, more modern and featuring direct connectivity

Lido/mPilot 2.0 impresses with its more modern design, better performance and connectivity to avionics systems in the cockpit.

Lufthansa Systems releases a new generation of its navigation app for iOS

Lufthansa Systems today announced the release of Lido/mPilot 2.0, a comprehensive update to its successful navigation app for the iPad. The new-generation app features a more modern design, faster loading times, better performance and a Bluetooth connection to flight deck avionics systems. Existing customers can download Lido/mPilot 2.0 from the App Store and update their systems from September 2016.

Lufthansa Systems acquires new customer for Lido/mPilot

The Lido/mPilot iPad app supports pilots before, during and after a flight.

Cambodian carrier Sky Angkor Airlines opts for mobile navigation charts

Lufthansa Systems today announced that Sky Angkor Airlines has opted for its Lido/mPilot mobile navigation solution as well as the paper-based charts of Lido/RouteManual. The two companies signed a five-year contract for the solution at the start of this year. Lido/RouteManual is already in use, the mobile navigation solution will be operational this fall.