NetLine/Sched Tactical Profitability Evaluation Model (TPEM)


Identify savings and revenue potential through powerful schedule scenario profitability evaluation.

NetLine/Sched TPEM supports mid- to short-term schedule profitability evaluations.

The tactical profitability evaluation tool 

In today's competitive environment, airlines need to be sure that the schedules they implement are both cost-efficient and optimized for revenue, and not just from a long-term network planning perspective. The NetLine/Sched Tactical Profitability Evaluation Model (TPEM) is an optional add-on module for evaluating the mid- to short-term profitability of your schedule. You can quickly and easily optimize schedules simply by taking this powerful cost and revenue perspective into consideration in your decision-making process.

NetLine/Sched TPEM is based on a flexible cost model. This approach caters to requirements from a simple, high-level cost model down to a very detailed cost model with many individual cost items. The add-on module also comes with a flexible reporting component. This allows you to precisely define cost and profitability analysis reports according to your requirements, including comparison reports between base schedules and schedule scenarios.

NetLine/Sched TPEM fully integrates with the NetLine/Sched core system by sharing passenger booking and forecast information as well as schedule data. It can assess base schedules as well as schedule scenarios, both in memory what-if and experimental schedules.


Key features
  • Flexible cost model
  • Profitability comparison for fully dated schedule scenarios
  • Flexible reporting component included
  • Full integration with NetLine/Sched core system
  • Access to all base schedules and schedule scenarios
Key benefits
  • Powerful decision support for schedule adjustments & capacity changes
  • Mid- to short-term schedule profitability evaluation
  • Identification of cost savings and revenue potential
  • Support for profitability impact evaluation of schedule scenarios
  • Simple and user-friendly visualization with reports