NetLine/Sched Flexible Reporting


Improve your schedule. NetLine/Sched Flexible Reporting allows you to easily compile your own reports and management summaries.

The powerful tool for customized reporting

The core NetLine/Sched system offers various standard reports. However, their content and layout are largely pre-determined. The optional NetLine/Sched Flexible Reporting add-on module gives you additional flexible options for customizing your flight scheduling key performance data.

With the user-friendly Flexible Report Writer you can build your own company library of reports. This also allows you to create comparison reports between two schedules. You can use all report templates repeatedly for different schedules and schedule scenarios.

NetLine/Sched Flexible Reporting also supports the compilation of management summaries, such as reports by geographical region or type of market. Additionally, you can incorporate basic mathematical calculations into your reporting to account for seasonal adjustments to performance figures that have yet to be made, for example, or to take block space agreements and deadhead crews into consideration when calculating marketable seats.

Key features
  • Flexible Report Writer for fully customized reports
  • User-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface
  • Option to pre-configure templates
  • Comparison reports between two schedules
  • Incorporation of mathematical calculations
Key benefits
  • Full transparency about schedule-related topics
  • Supports identification of potential improvements
  • High flexibility in KPI monitoring
  • Easy creation of internal company report library
  • Easy compilation of management summaries