NetLine/Crew Interfaces


Interface management is synergy management

NetLine/Crew Interfaces

These days, the secure exchange of information between users and systems is an essential component of IT systems. System-wide information management is the prerequisite for successful business process integration and the realization of complex business requirements. We developed Interfaces to help you manage your crew processes efficiently, securely and in a controlled way:

  • Integration of crew-related aspects in flight scheduling and operations control management
  • NetLine/Crew Interface platform
  • Connection to external systems

NetLine/Crew and NetLine/Sched – early exchange of information and data for optimal flight and crew resource planning
A planned flight schedule is only as good and cost-efficient as the crew pairings based on it. NetLine/Crew Pairing xOpt uses the schedules from NetLine/Sched to generate legal and consistent pairings.
Data is shared in the opposite direction as well: NetLine/Sched Rotation Optimizer takes this detailed crew pairing information into account to optimize the flight schedule.

The interface between NetLine/Crew and NetLine/Ops ++ - when many details have to be exchanged
Operational schedule changes are an everyday fact of life. These changes are consistently reflected in the crew duty rosters. Cancelled flights are deleted from the roster. Parallel to this, your flight personnel receives an automatic notification. The system also independently handles the logistics, such as hotel accommodation.
The interface to NetLine/Ops ++ gives ops controllers full transparency regarding duty times and their limits, which helps them make better, faster and more cost-efficient decisions.

What-if scenarios – for the best decision
Interfaces not only make it possible to exchange what-if constellations. The scenario environment in NetLine/Ops ++ and NetLine/Crew also offers a basis for testing various feasibility scenarios:

  • Ops controllers can take duty times into account when modifying flight schedules
  • Crew controllers can review roster changes with immediate legality checks (duty time) and logistical changes (hotels, deadhead booking, etc.)

Logistics Desk - automatic handling of hotel bookings and changes

  • Automatic interface to hotel management solutions
  • Crew pairings + hotel rooms + airport transport reserved automatically

NetLine/Crew offers an interface to hotel management and transport solutions from various providers. Hotel rooms are reserved automatically based on crew pairings.
Changes in NetLine/Crew are also independently processed by the respective travel management solution. Reservation confirmations are automatically sent back to NetLine/Crew.

NetLine/Crew Interface platform – connectivity counts
We have established a platform to support system-wide information management for all crew management processes.
The NetLine/Crew Interface platform provides secure access to NetLine/Crew data sources. With platform interfaces, airlines can simplify their business processes, introduce innovations and achieve a secure, smooth exchange of data. The platform also offers a bidirectional data exchange and forms the basis for access to crew management functions.

APIS news – for cooperating with authorities
APIS (Advanced Passenger Information Service) involves the transmission of flight data and information about passengers and crew members to the security authorities in a destination or on-route country. The sending process, transmission protocol and data format comply with the specifications of the respective authority.
NetLine/Crew supports APIS through the manual or automatic transmission of personal crew member data.