Slot Management: Are you well equipped for your next Initial Submission?

Calendar with provisional Initial Submission Dates for W21/22

On Monday, April 19, 2021 the Initial Submission for the Winter Season 2021/2022 activities will start.

Lufthansa Systems therefore would like to share with you the W21/22 calendar for the Initial Submission Coordination Activities.

This calendar is part of the Worldwide Airport Slot Guidelines (WASG). IATA, Airports Council International (ACI) and the Worldwide Airport Coordinators Group (WWACG) jointly publish the WASG.

Kindly find the deadlines for W21/22 in this calendar:

How can you improve the efficiency of your Initial Submission?
Lufthansa Systems provides you different ways to get your Initial Submission done easily:

Automation for more efficiency
The Initial Submission process is a highly complex and challenging process for many airlines. If you would like to make your Initial Submission more efficient, this can be achieved via automation. This is where the Lufthansa Systems Slot Management Solution NetLine/Sched Slot Manager comes in:

NetLine/Sched Slot Manager improves the entire Initial Submission process by reducing significant workload and errors with fully and semi-automatic features and functions that allow automation for the:

•    Historic Data (SHL) Collection,
•    Linking of actual and historical slots
•    Creating and sending the Initial Submission codes, or
•    Slot Initial Allocation List (SAL) Message Processing

For more information regarding the NetLine/Sched Slot Manager, please click here or contact us directly.

Initial Submission Consulting or Full Service available
Lufthansa Systems’ Slot Management experts can also support you remotely with Initial Submission consulting, alternatively carry fully out your Initial Submission, even if you don´t have our Slot Management System in place. Please feel free to contact us, if these are alternative options for you.