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Nina and Nadine

Diverse tasks and intensive cooperation: Nina and Nadine have been interns and part of the Corporate Marketing & Communications team for six months. Their internship at Lufthansa Systems is coming to its end. We asked them about their impressions and experiences.

Why did you decide to do an internship at Lufthansa Systems?

Nina: I was persuaded by the fact that I could combine both marketing and communication in one internship. I wanted to find out in which direction I would like to go professionally. The internship helped me a lot. I also felt comfortable right from the start. The team and the way they work convinced me.

Nadine: I have always been a big fan of aviation and everything that goes with it. That is why I wanted to apply the knowledge I had gained from my studies in a practical way and thus combine my passions. Moreover, the combination of communication and marketing also appealed to me in order to gain various impressions.

You both are part of the Marketing & Communications team, but you have different focuses. What exactly does that mean?

Nina: Nadine’s focus is on communication, mine is on marketing. Marketing and communication are not one thing, but at Lufthansa Systems we are one closely connected team. This enables us to take on tasks from both areas and gain diverse and interesting experiences.

Nadine: We also supported many activities together, for example internal actions. We designed the program for Girls Day and Luftikusse, where we playfully presented our company and our headquarter in Raunheim. At Easter we played the Easter bunnies and surprised our colleagues with sweets in small nests. In that way, we are live behind the scenes at Lufthansa Systems. We documented our tasks in social media articles on Instagram and Facebook.


What are your respective tasks in communication and marketing ?

Nina: The marketing part of the internship includes preparations for trade shows and events, for example. Therefore, I put together give-aways and all materials needed for a booth and send them to the event location. In addition, it is important to collect content, which can be used for social media and internal communication. Furthermore, I can support my colleagues with the design of advertising material and the creation and editing of images and videos. However, I also help on the communication level. I post news in our intranet and keep the internal pages up to date. I also support the communication of internal events and take over my own projects.

Nadine: The communication tasks are very wide-ranging. I support designing our monthly internal newsletter, write articles myself and I participate in photo shootings and events as editorial help. Before my internship, I never thought there would be so much to communicate within a month. In addition, I provide our screens in Raunheim and Berlin with content and pictures. The external customer newsletter is also sent out every three months. In it, we report to our customers (the airlines) about the innovations of our products. I was able to accompany a series of image campaign videos introducing our employees and their departments. I was allowed to fly to Berlin and accompany the complete shooting with the agency, the film team and the artists.


What impressions did you remember in particular?

Nina: For both of us, the internship started with larger events. In our first weeks, we were involved in the organization and the design and were allowed to help out on site at the Global.Air and the Airline Forum events. The Airline Forum took place at the Lufthansa conference hotel in Seeheim-Jugenheim. We managed a variety of tasks there: We were jointly responsible for the process, were available to the participants for questions and accompanied and supported the photographer in his work. The highlight was the evening event with live music and stimulating conversations. At both events we had the chance to meet many of our colleagues personally.

Nadine: I like that we to take on so much responsibility in our team, that we are involved in all meetings and that there is a lot of trust in us. Personally, I will remember the accompaniment of the above-mentioned videos to the continuation of the image campaign. I was able to play an active role in the project, from collecting ideas, through conception and preparation to shooting and to be creative. Together with the agency, we are currently designing the postproduction, which will hopefully be completed in time by the end of my internship. I learned a lot.


Would you recommend your internship at Lufthansa Systems and if so why?

Nina: Yes, I even recommended the internship already. I was able to learn a lot and was trusted a lot. Working together in the Corporate Marketing & Communications team is a lot of fun.

Nadine: If you do not dare to apply because it is an IT company, I can say: You do not have to be an IT expert and Nina and I quickly realized how fascinating the topic of aviation IT is.


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