On the road to everywhere

Daniel Berecz

As Competence Lead for Quality Assurance and Senior Test Automation Engineer in Budapest, Daniel Berecz is responsible for a wide variety of tasks. Variety and the search for new things are also important to him in his free time. Daniel has set himself the goal of visiting every country in the world.

What exactly are your tasks at Lufthansa Systems?

I am currently part of the Competence Lead team. Together with my colleagues I am working on improving the product lines that are currently being developed in Budapest. We are always looking for new technologies, patterns and best practices, like how to improve the quality of the products, how to prepare for cloud migration or how to provide properly secured applications. We can also provide hands-on support if needed.

Which product lines are involved?

This applies primarily to the NetLine environment, for example NetLine/Crew or NetLine/Ops ++, but we are also happy to help with other products. At the same time, we want to establish modern guidelines and future-proof technologies for new developments. In this team, I am responsible for quality assurance, which is an important issue for both Lufthansa Systems and the Lufthansa Group.

You are also a Senior Test Automation Engineer. What exactly does that mean?

I work as a Senior Test Automation Engineer for the BoardConnect frontend. BoardConnect is our entertainment and connectivity platform, which some may already know as Flynet from Lufthansa or Austrian aircraft. Finding the right balance with so many investments is not always easy. But the nice thing is that I get to know many different topics and people through these activities.

What do you do in your spare time?

I would like to travel to and across all continents. So, I have quite a lot of countries on my bucket list. The goal is to visit every country in the world and end up in the Hall of Fame of the MTP club. MTP stands for Most Traveled People. Since I’m getting married soon, there is still a lot to organize to bring together our friends from five different countries.

That is interesting. Which country has fascinated you the most so far?

This is a very hard question. You can always find something surprising or extraordinary in each and every country. I was absorbed by the density of Hong Kong, the rush of New York and the monumentalism of Moscow. Also there is something special about sitting at the sea shore in some small Swedish village.

But for us, the most fascinating country was Italy: the food, the culture, the wines, the atmosphere. They have a huge cultural heritage and beautiful landscapes. The perfect combination.

Is your future wife as enthusiastic about traveling as you are?

Yes, fortunately. It would be quite a misery to just drag someone along for all these travels. Actually she brings in the more particular destinations and activities, like the Eastern Islands, driving through the western Sahara in Morocco, or walking along the Camino de Santiago. I usually stay with more conventional places, like Porto in Portugal, which is one of the most charming towns.

And would you mind telling us, where the honeymoon is going?

As for us Italy is an absolute winner, we’re going back again. This time it is Naples and the Amalfi coast. You can never eat too much pizza.


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