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Part 2: Going Paperless? We have the Backup Solution you need!


Aug 11, 2017

We recently announced the launch of the Lido/RouteManual Backup solution. If you missed out on reading our article about what it is and what it does you can find Part 1 here. Now that we have painted the picture of what it is, let’s take a look at some situations in which it helps you solve your everyday problems, and answer your regulator's questions.

Problem One – What is your backup when the charting application is unusable?


Your solution: If the application is unusable (e.g. non-current data or unstable app) the pilot can download the .pdf charts they need and store them on the device for offline use.  These charts are accessible without launching the Lido Navigation app and can be opened in any standard .pdf reader.

If the charts are not already on the device, they can be downloaded from the Lido RouteManual Backup website in one convenient file, complete with a clickable table of contents to ease navigation. All the user requires is an internet connection and a browser.

As an additional option, pilots can use a third party application that handles the downloading and syncing of charts automatically with Lido RouteManual Backup cloud, reducing workload and opportunity for user error.


Problem Two – What is your backup when the device itself is unserviceable?

Your solution: If a pilot reports that a device is unserviceable, in a just a few clicks the operations centre is able to deliver them a single complete file with all charts they need to fly. The pilot is able to print out the charts which are in standard A4/A5 size or open them in any backup device with a .pdf reader that they have access to. In fact, if your airline has subscribed to the multiuser option, each pilot can directly log in to the Lido RouteManual Backup website and download the charts they need within seconds without waiting for a response. This is especially useful if there is a complete outage affecting all pilots and the operations centre is overloaded with requests for charts.

So what does it look like? Take a sneak-peak and access a free trial version by filling out this form and we will create your trial account with no obligations.   

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