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Paddling with colleagues for the same goal


Jun 28, 2019

More teams than ever competed at this year's dragon boat race of Lufthansa Systems in Budapest. Barna Wichmann took part for the first time. What impressed him particularly?

Barna Wichmann recently joined Lufthansa Systems in Budapest as an application engineer. It was the first time that he took part in the annual dragon boat race of the company that’s organized every year on the Danube at the Kopaszi Dam, close to the Lufthansa Systems office.

Barna chose his team very well because his unit has been the champion of the dragon boat race for many years consecutively and defended their first place this year again. But the team could not have got a better sportsman than Barna, who’s been a dragon boat racer for many years. We could even say that the love of water sports is in his DNA because his father is the Olympic medalist Tamás Wichmann, a legendary sprint canoeist.


What do you do at Lufthansa Systems and how do you like working here so far?

I am Barna Wichmann and I have joined Lufthansa Systems Hungary as an application engineer in the Application Operations team. With my team, we are responsible for various applications such as SchedConnect, ProfitLinePrice, IOCC and so on.  The company as a workplace is a very pleasant and helpful community where I can learn something new every day.

How was your first Lufthansa Systems dragon boat race? 

The race was organized in a very high standard. To be honest, I was surprised by the large number of teams as altogether 10 teams competed. The evolving of the finals was based on time trials, which was a very smart and time-efficient way of organizing the race.

What was the best moment during the day?

I really enjoyed the final where the first three dragon boats all reached the finish line very close to each other. Every millisecond counted in the race so it was a really exciting and tough final.

Why do you like this sport and why would you recommend it to others?

I could not recall any other sport where you have the possibility to paddle with 20 other people for the same goal. It can greatly help the coordination of body movement, and within an hour-long training session, you can burn 500-1000 calories. So we are speaking about not just a nice and efficient sport but a really good way of socializing.

Do you have any pro tips for others if they want to do dragon boat racing or canoeing?

Our office in Buda is located relatively close to Lágymányos Bay of the Danube, where several sport clubs offer sport and/or leisure opportunities.  It’s definitely worth giving it a try.

Any favorite river that you would recommend for those who love this sport?

During summertime, both our great rivers, the Danube and the Tisza can offer countless pleasant experiences.


Interested in this year's dragon boat race?
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