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Lukas Bohrmann enjoys everything that has to do with water (© private)

As Product Owner Inflight Entertainment Frontends at BoardConnect Lukas Bohrmann is always in the search for innovations for the entertainment of passengers on board. Most recently he introduced a quiz game on the Lufthansa FlyingLab from Frankfurt to Austin.

Not only at work Lukas does think like a traveler. He also enjoys discovering new territory in his leisure time – whether in the mountains or below the sea surface.

You have completed a dual bachelor's degree in business informatics at Lufthansa Systems. Why did you choose this career path?

I have always been interested in computer science and wanted to be involved in it professionally. I was skeptical about classical studies, simply because I was already 22 and wanted to be independent as soon as possible. After school I could not imagine spending any more years exclusively on theory. The practical relevance of the Lufthansa Systems dual study program and the assignments in different departments were therefore very appealing to me. During my studies I was able to gain a lot of practical know-how and at the same time build up a professional network within the company. Both have brought me great advantages in my future career. Therefore, I can only recommend this career to others and would do the same again.

What does your typical working day look like?

As the Product Owner of the BoardConnect frontends, I am responsible for gathering the requirements of all our stakeholders, mainly customer airlines, passengers and colleagues at Lufthansa Systems, for the graphic user interface and preparing them for development within my scrum team. Afterwards, my job is to add as much value as possible for these stakeholders by prioritizing the requirements and preparing them for the development sprints. Furthermore, I am currently supporting two projects that have emerged from our internal innovation program “inventIT”. One is about developing improvements for the Moving Map by integrating more and better points of interest, so-called POIs, and weather and flight data from our Lido solution. The second project is a multiplayer quiz game called World Air Tournament, which I was able to test successfully on flights with real passengers. Because BoardConnect needs to constantly improve and innovate to succeed in the market I believe that innovation is an extremely important topic as it makes work exiting and provides momentum for our product.

Is creativity also important in your job as a business IT specialist?

Definitely. The customer cannot give us any enthusiasm factors because he does not yet know what inspires him. Instead, at BoardConnect we have to constantly think about improvements and enhancements to our product in addition to customer requirements.

Which tasks do you enjoy most?

What I enjoy most in this job is the teamwork with the scrum team from Budapest and coordinating projects with our international customers. Besides that, I really enjoy working with BoardConnect as it enables me to learn something new about technologies, people, cultures and soft skills every single day. I never get bored at work.

Your assignment at Lufthansa Systems FlyingLab was not quite an everyday occurrence. What was it all about?

Recently, Lufthansa hosted another FlyingLab from Frankfurt to Austin/Texas. It was the third time, for the digital conference SXSW 2019. Previously, all Lufthansa Group employees had the opportunity to qualify an innovative project for the FlyingLab. The quiz World Air Tournament flew along after we had already presented the app at the Lufthansa Innovation Forum under the motto “Explore the future of travelling”. As Dirk Bracklow could not manage to present the game on this flight (he was the one having the idea for the quiz), I had the opportunity to do the task. The passengers were able to test it directly. The special thing about our quiz game is the multiplayer mode: The passengers can participate live and compete against each other. Time literally flies like clockwork.

That sounds exciting. Do you enjoy quizzes in your spare time?

Not really, I would rather meet with friends for a game night. From my point of view what is special about the environment on the plane is that you do not “use” any additional free time to enjoy the games and the entertainment system. Any pastime is welcome. And if there is interaction with other passengers it makes our game even more interesting.

What else do you do in your spare time?

I try to spend as much time as possible with my friends and to travel around the world with them. I am especially looking forward to the annual mountain hiking trips we do together. Furthermore, I enjoy everything that has to do with water like going on diving trips with my girlfriend or just remotely dreaming of it in front of my fish tank at home. Since 2014, I have already done 30 dives and I am happy about every new dive spot I am allowed to explore. The weekly volleyball training with occasional tournaments on weekends creates a nice balance to my job at Lufthansa Systems.

So, you like to be in the air as well as in the water. Which dive spot would you like to discover?

Oh, there is still a lot to discover. The ABC islands in the southern Caribbean appeal to me the most. But I would also like to discover the reefs of Australia further or, clichéd, travel to the Maldives. I hope that all this will be preserved in its present state, as mankind still deals too unconsciously with plastic packaging and disposables.




1) Lukas Bohrmann enjoys everything that has to do with water (© private)
2) On the Lufthansa FlyingLab from Frankfurt to Austin Lukas Bohrmann presented the quiz game World Air Tournament at an altitude of 10,000 metres. (© Lufthansa Systems)
3) Lukas Bohrmann on a diving trip with his girlfriend in Makadi Bay (© private)



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