Lufthansa Systems White Paper: Airline Turnaround Management

Are suffering of delays because you don´t know what is happening with your aircraft on the ground?  Then carefully read this White Paper about Turnaround Management.

Punctual turnarounds have become a critical factor for success for airline operations, though actively controlling ground processes is still a relatively uncharted territory for many airlines. The period of time between on-blocks and off-blocks therefore very often remains a “black box” for carrier of any business model - network carriers, low cost, charter airlines, cargo airlines or any hybrid model – even though there’s a great potential to save delay costs, improve on-time performance and increase customer satisfaction.

This White Paper describes the purpose of Turnaround Management and gives an initial approach for the implementation of this important airline business process into an airline’s environment.

I am looking forward to hearing your feedback on this topic.


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Claudio Moro's picture

Very interesting Michael! And we could include consideration on impact of special assistance, weather condition, slots...
I had the chance to see in Airlines two business models that take care of Turnaround Management: OCC+HCC, OCC only. I think OCC+HCC model works better, even if is more expensive. Airlines that implemented HCC, which includes managers and softwares taking care of all groud operation (providers too) are able to react (and pro-act) more efficiently.

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