Lido SurfaceData Obstacles available in AIXM 5.1.1

St Paul Cathedral in AIXM

Award-winning Lido/SurfaceData obstacle database now available in AIXM 5.1.1 (feature type Vertical Structure)!

Lido SurfaceData is the first product on the market to offer obstacle data in AIXM 5.1.1 on a global scale. The Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) is an xml-based, standardized data format used to exchange aeronautical data in a machine-readable way.

Berlin TV tower AIXM

More than 1.2 million obstacles are extracted from authoritative sources around the globe, standardized and processed according to DO-200 and other relevant industry standards (e.g. DO-276 and DO-291). Finally, the LoA type 1 certified obstacle data is translated to the AIXM feature type Vertical Structure and ready for use in various applications and systems.  With Lido SurfaceData already available as comma separated values (CSV), ESRI shape files and ARINC 815 (Prototype), AIXM 5.1.1 is already the fourth supported standard format of this obstacle database.