Lido mPilot 4.0 - What’s New

We are excited to announce the release of Lido/mPilot 4.0. With this release, we are introducing two new features to Lido/mPilot and extending the Airport Moving Map (Lido/AMM) support.

What’s new?

With the release of Lido mPilot 4.0, we are providing users with the possibility to set up ETOPS range rings and insert notes on the enroute map. Users will also be able to receive Runway Incursion Prevention (RIP) messages in our Airport Moving Maps and benefit from other new features which enhance usability.  



What are the benefits of the ETOPS range rings tool?

You want to fly from Zurich to New York while always staying within 60’ from an alternate airport? Or you’d like to depict the area covered by 120’ circles around your ETOPS alternate along this route?

With just a few taps, our new ETOPS range rings tool can display the above information on the enroute map.



What are the benefits of the pilot notes?

Plotting a reporting point or a memo to contact a FIR can be tedious when using a paper chart. With the Lido mPilot 4.0, you now have the ability to easily set up notes on the enroute chart which can also be stored for future flights!



What’s new in the Airport Moving Map?

With the release of Lido mPilot 4.0, several new features appear in our Airport Moving Map.

Overall, the conjoint use of RIP messages and the Arming function will improve users’ situational awareness, while the Autofocus option will provide a better overview when landing in an unfamiliar airport. The RIP messages will be triggered in several useful situations, for example when the aircraft is about to enter a runway. The Arming function will keep pilots’ focus on important information. For example, it will automatically switch to the Airport Moving Map of the destination airport during landing. The Autofocus will smoothly set the proper zoom level while pilots are taxiing to their parking stand when the application is in track-up mode.

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