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Lido mPilot 3.3 - What’s New


Apr 09, 2018

We are excited to announce the release of Lido/mPilot 3.3. With this release, we introduce two new features to the Lido/mPilot to ease pilots’ workflow and improve their situational awareness.  

What’s new?


With the release of Lido mPilot 3.3, we are introducing the track tool for the Enroute map and the smart inverted mode. With the track tool, pilots will be able to measure the distance between two selected points on the map and display the initial true track between these in just a few seconds. To benefit from the smart inverted mode, pilots have to enable the ‘smart invert colors’ feature in the iPad’s settings.


What are the benefits of the track tool?

The track tool will help pilots make faster decisions and ensure that they have all important information at the right time. For example, during a flight, an air traffic controller may unexpectedly reroute a flight to a navigation point which the pilots did not enter into their flight plan. To quickly receive an overview of the new situation, pilots can now use the track tool.

Overall, the track tool will enhance pilots’ situational awareness while simultaneously reducing their workload.

What are the benefits of the smart invert mode?

The ‘smart invert colors’ feature inverts the user interface, with the rest of the content remaining the same. During night flights, pilots are able to benefit from the smart inverted mode, as the iPad’s interface with darken, taking the strain off their eyes. This inverted mode serves as a bridging solution until the Lido mPilot gains a proper ‘night mode’.

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