Introducing: DDS 3.1

At the heart of all Lido/Navigation products lies the Data Distribution System (DDS), providing our navigation solutions with charts and data. Keeping track of and managing data is a task filled with responsibility where no errors or delays are acceptable. The launch of DDS 3.1 introduces a major user interface rework and usability improvements, bringing the application up to date with the latest material design standards. We've also introduced a few new features to improve the experience for administrators, especially those of large fleets.


Interface Cleanup

The interface was previously cluttered and hidden behind drop-down menus. The new interface has been stripped of obscure icons and elements, and displays all modules intuitively in the top bar. Navigating the modules to manage both your Lido mPilot and Lido eRouteManual registrations is now easier than ever. The rest of the screen layout has stayed the same, keeping the familiar general and detailed information panes in each module. To get a full introduction to the new interface, check out our new introduction video here.



Workflow Improvements

While the interface upgrade introduced in DDS 3.1 might seem like a big change, the workflow is staying the same. Ways of importing and exporting data, managing registrations and tracking devices are all found in the same familiar modules as before. What we have put our effort into is the new search functionality.


The top of each module features the new powerful search bar. It combines the power of free text and extended search, making filtering more intuitive than ever. Parameters can be combined to form precise filters, displaying the exact data you need in just a few clicks. We have even introduced a search history feature, saving all of your regular queries to use again, even between sessions! To get an in-depth look at the new search bar, check out our video on advanced searching here.



Multiple Fleet Management

We have exciting news for users managing multiple fleets! DDS 3.1 offers a multiple fleet concept, where a single set of credentials can be used to manage multiple airlines. With multiple fleets you can maintain separate whitelists, email filters and registration lists for different aircraft types or divisions which can be tailored to your needs. Take a look at the Fleet video introduction (available here) for more information.


Your Opinion Matters

We constantly listen to your feedback and the framework upgrade of DDS is just the first step of many. Catching up with the latest standards gives us the springboard to launch new and exciting features based on your needs.

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