Future Load Control: Why using 3D visualization for Load Control?

Future Load Control

Have you ever thought about, how Future Load Control might look like? Here is our idea: 3D visualization has long been one of the main issues in surgery training, in architecture as well as in landscape and environmental planning and brought improvements to many aspects of the quality of work execution. Why not then use it also in Load Control?

The utilization of 3D visualization technologies in Weight and Balance - for instance a 3D Loadplan - may be one significant feature of the “Future Load Control”.

Here five advantages that load controllers could experience from 3D visualization technologies:

1.            Error minimization due to effective load plan designs:

2.            Support of operational stability

3.            Improvement of load controller performance

4.            Ease of training and learning:

5.            Improved communication between Load Controller and Ramp Agent:

As a result, we would see it as a Load Control Innovation.

Please read the following white paper explaining more detailed which chances 3D visualization within Load Control offers. I am highly interested in hearing your feedback on this topic or our 3D Loadplan prototype here on this site.


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Marcos Garcia's picture

This is a great idea. As a Ramp Agent, sometimes I don't understand why the load controller has planned the loading that way. Usually it's easy to change the instruction, but we waste time doing it. It should be easier if the load controller could see the 3D aircraft model and "play" with the load, so a balance between aircraft centre of gravity and time efficient and safe loading can be achieved. I wish I could be part of a project like this one. I think it's important that ramp agents as well as load controllers get involved in the development of this kind of software product for the aviation industry.

Michael Muzik's picture

Dear Marcos,

thank you for your comment. We highly appreciate any ideas about useful / necessary functionality coming from you via this channel. It is still a prototype, so many things still can be evaluated.

Kind Regards

Michael Muzik

Almir Ferhatbegovic's picture

This would be definitely something, me and I am positive most of my colleagues at Load Control, are looking forward to be implemented in the nearest future. The understanding and visualization of the loading/planning, as You already mentioned, would be just fantastic. Beside that, of course also a lot more fum... just a great idea that will hopefully find it's place in the LH family.

Michael Muzik's picture

Dear Almir,

thank you very much for your feedback. If you have any ideas about useful / necessary functionality, we will be happy to hear that via this channel. It is still a prototype, so there is a lot of space for development.

Kind Regards

Michael Muzik

sameer saxena's picture

Dear Sir,

I am really excited and that this is done now. I have been in airlines more then 21 years and been handling load control more then 15 years and been in CLC.Having experience of ramp and cargo gives me more understanding then people who do not have any experience just based on load control training perform clc function which creates lot of problem. this would minimise the errors and if any last min offload will help to plan and release , same time if any locks missing or any uld having trouble in locking or bend would help us to plan it properly.
appluade to the team for such a great idea and implement it.
if you require any help from my end do let me know.
thanks and regards
sameer saksena
india mumbai

Michael Muzik's picture

Dear Sameer,

thank you very much for your feedback. If you have any ideas about useful / necessary functionality, we will be happy to hear that via this channel or write to Michael.Muzik [at] lhsystems.com.

It is still a prototype, so there is a lot of space for development.

Kind Regards

Michael Muzik

Christy Jacob's picture

This idea of 3D load control system is really the future and I can see how much it would be helpful for us load controllers especially in cases of cargo flights where this 3D option would be a real challenge....

All the best for LH for its innovative ideas.
Christy Jacob

Michael Muzik's picture

Dear Christy,

thank you very much for your feedback.

If you have any ideas about useful / necessary functionality, we will be happy to hear that via this channel or via my email (Michael.muzik [at] lhsystems.com).

It is still a prototype, so there is a lot of space for development.

Kind Regards

Michael Muzik

Chandrashekar Parli Venkatraman's picture

Dear Herr Michael Muzik

I am fortunate to have been trained by instructors like Herr Heiko Skibba ( Weight & Balance) Herr Roger Lilly ( DGR) during my tenure with DLH (1988-2000). Automation saves a lot of time -- but the knowledge retention aspect in automation viz-a-viz undergoing proper class room training (manual load sheet) -- check out at Ramp prior to actual preparation of load sheet -- mandatory preparation of one manual loadsheet every month within 20 minutes of the STD. All the above parameters and benchmark kept a Lufthansa weight & balance / Ramp agent always well versed with his knowledge bank and enhancing / refreshing on regular intervals through CBT(refreshers) is incomparable. I did a three week manual plus one week of EDP , with fuel correction (scale-- I don't remember exact terminology-- Fuel correction pattern-- different pattern for different aircraft)). I can still visualise the trim sheet / trim envelope , I did my course in 1992. Out of the actual weight & balance job profile since 2003. No doubt DLH trainings were the best in the industry during our time -- cannot comment the current status. Training in those days were termed as investment and now-a-days most of corporate term it as an expense. -- Jai Hind -- with Best regards -- Chandrashekar P V +966-56-212-5088

Michael Muzik's picture

Dear Mr. Chandrashekar,

thank you very much for your feedback.

I agree to you, that the world has changed a lot here. Mabye it is not to everyone's satisfaction.

But as most of the airlines have to stay competitive, processes must be changed and automated.

In my personal opinion a training is still rather an investment than an expense.

Kind Regards

Michael Muzik

Rahul Bhatnagar's picture

Hi Michael,

It is great to see a new technology developed for load control . Since we observe technology improving day by day and now we have hand handled devise available at ramp area so why can't we have some plug in device in hold area with view camera which can be connected to load control application and give a real view of hold to load controller and he can suggest his LIR based on real view.

Best Regards,

Michael Muzik's picture

Dear Rahul,

thanks for your comment. The original idea of the 3D Loadplan is that the Load Controller can see, how the hold looks from inside without "bothering" the Ramp Agent. He shall be rather dealing with the other ramp processes (baggage, Turnaround Management, etc.).

Best Regards


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