Experience trainings with our expert Manuela, who knows the perspective of being a customer

Manuela Di Ventura (Copyright: private)

Manuela Di Ventura, Product Trainer and Product Consultant for NetLine/Crew at Lufthansa Systems (LSY) explains various training sessions offered within the Academy calendar.

How long have you been working for Lufthansa Systems?
I joined Lufthansa Systems in October 2017, before that I was “on the other side”: I had been working at Alitalia, one of the NetLine customers, for 20 years. I was in the NetLine/Crew implementation project team as business expert. During my experience as a customer I met many people from Lufthansa Systems and when I was hired it was like I have been in this family for a long time. Most of my new colleagues do not remember the date I joined because we were already in contact since the first moment I saw NetLine!

How did you get the idea to become a trainer?
When I was at Alitalia, user training was one of my tasks and the one I always enjoyed most. I got my training from a LSY NetLine/Crew expert and then I spread out this knowledge to my Alitalia colleagues. When I saw a job application at LSY for a NetLine/Crew trainer, I thought it was time for me to widen my experience and to use my knowledge about NetLine/Crew to help people who use NetLine/Crew all over the world.

What do you like most about being a NetLine/Crew trainer at Lufthansa Systems?
NetLine/Crew is a complex tool, as it was build up gradually in many years with the contribution of several customers with different needs and different cultures. Each brick has its own place and fits to the others in a specific way. I love to explain this complexity in a simple way and I receive the best prize when I hear from our customers that “this feature could be really useful for us!”.

How did the Academy get started? How did the idea come up?
The idea of the Academy came up many years ago and when it was first presented at the Airline Forum I was there as a customer. In principle, the idea was to create a place where people from different airlines can improve their knowledge about NetLine applications. The new concept LSY proposed was to put together people coming from different airlines in the same training session. As a customer, I found it amazing. I imagined people with different backgrounds, different workflows but with a common topic to discuss: how to better use the tool they have in order to minimize costs and maximize the satisfaction of their crew members.

Which kind of training sessions do you propose now in the Academy?
I propose to NetLine/Crew users several kind of trainings: initial training for new users, refresher trainings and specific sessions focused on complex features for expert users. There are also workshops where customers can try all the new functionalities included in the latest releases on our demo system, so they can see new features before installing them on their own environments.

What do the customers think about it?
Customers who attended the trainings gave me a very positive feedback. The possibility to play on our demo system allows them to get more information on the latest releases. They also enjoyed the discussions with users from other airlines on how they handle daily problems. This exchange of personal experience during the Academy training sessions has a great value for all of them and it is something they bring home and use in their daily work to improve the way NetLine/Crew supports their crew management process.

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