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AeroLogic relies on Crew Bid Management Solution from Lufthansa Systems

Copyright AeroLogic
Copyright AeroLogic

Dec 02, 2021

Lufthansa Systems today announced that AeroLogic, the joint freight carrier of DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo, will be continuing its trusted partnership with Lufthansa Systems through a contract scope extension covering the Crew Bid Management process (NetLine/Crew Bid Management, NetLine/Crew Preference Planner, NetLine/Crew Preferences xOPT). All crew members and crew planners will benefit from this new solution.

Thomas Dwinger, Manager Planning & Economics at AeroLogic, commented: “When selecting the solution, great emphasis was placed on crew satisfaction parameters as well as fairness distribution of the flight duties. Both lifestyle and daily-based requests were taken into account.

Lifestyle requests allow crew members to determine how their rosters should look like in general. There are pilots who are early risers. Accordingly, they are assigned to early shifts. Then there are those who prefer to fly west rather than east and vice versa. At the same time, requests for certain days off, such as weekends, should be taken into account where possible.

With daily-based requests we give the chance to the crew member to meet specific needs related to a particular day of the upcoming monthly roster. Our pilots can request specific rotations, such as a specific flight on a specific day, or a layover at a specific destination. Days off can also be requested.”

To meet all requirements, AeroLogic’s future Crew Bid Management solution and roster optimization consists of three modules that are fully integrated with NetLine/Crew:

  • NetLine/Crew Bid Management – the web frontend supports crew members in placing bids, daily-based requests, and lifestyle preferences.
  • NetLine/Crew Preference Planner – automatically grants daily-based requests. Thereby, AeroLogic’s criteria, rules, and constraints are considered.
  • NetLine/Crew Preferences xOPT – considers crew member lifestyle preferences while automatically creating optimized, complete and legal roster solutions.

The Bid Management solution lets AeroLogic take over full control over the bid management process of crew members, optimizing the assignment of requests to the highest possible level, and significantly contribute to the quality of published rosters.

“The Bid Management solution is fully integrated with NetLine/Crew. As a result, AeroLogic benefits from an acceleration of the planning processes resulting in significant planning time savings, provision of fairness and transparency, meeting crew expectations, and with this, increase crew satisfaction largely”, said Vanessa Herr, Key Account Manager at Lufthansa Systems.


About AeroLogic
AeroLogic GmbH is a joint company owned by DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo AG. Founded in September 2007 with headquarters in Schkeuditz/Leipzig, Germany, the current AeroLogic operates a fleet of 18 Boeing 777F mostly serving destinations in Asia and the USA. AeroLogic’s freight capacity is used by both DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo. The two companies are also responsible for sales, warehousing and handling.

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