Crew management throughout an airline's network is a complex task involving pairing construction, duty assignments and crew tracking.

The smart crew management software solution for airlines

Operational feasible and cost-efficient flight crew duty plans are not only the key to smooth and commercially viable operations – they are also an important factor in air traffic safety as well as crew and customer satisfaction. 

Crew management within an airline is a highly complex challenge that includes pairing, assignment and crew control. The availability of crew resources, their training requirements and the fair distribution of duties, wishes and preferences must be reconciled with network needs, operational and legal regulations and economic requirements. At the same time, the logistical aspect of crew management must also be taken into account. Hotel accommodation and layover management can be a challenge, especially on critical days with many operational changes.

NetLine/Crew covers the multitude of issues facing your airline's crew management team with 24/7 operations, support and unique industry expertise, together with a system that promotes the exchange of information between your flying personnel and crew management. NetLine/Crew covers the entire airline's crew management process, helping you reduce costs, improve crew productivity and manage short-term operational changes.

An integrated solution for your crew management
NetLine/Crew provides crew planners and controllers with valuable decision-making tools, making it easier for them to create and manage commercially viable, legal, fair and crew-oriented duty rosters. One major advantage of the system is that crew members are also integrated into crew management processes using embedded communication functions.

Creating a firm foundation – crew pairing
NetLine/Crew helps you to plan your crew pairings. The system takes tariff and legal restrictions into account, while optional optimizers also help to increase the efficiency of the rosters.
In addition, you can use the NetLine/Crew Profitability Evaluation Model to compare different scenarios. This ensures that your airline’s aircraft and crews take off cost-efficiently and, above all, safely. As we believe it is vital that you can keep an eye on the entire process, crew pairings can be mapped in NetLine/Sched via an interface.

Managing and planning complex issues quickly and efficiently – crew assignment
As with the preparation of crew pairings, tariff and legal requirements are taken into account during crew assignment. Integrated crew member request processing allows your crew members to request pairings, off-days and other roster items. Vacation planning is also managed here, giving crew members and planners the decision-making tools they need to create and monitor vacation plans that are comprehensive, economical, fair and optimal for everyone. Of course, factors such as planning stability and cost efficiency are also taken into account.

There when it matters – flawless support on the day of operations
On the day of operations, NetLine/Crew accompanies your flight crews from check-in to arrival at their home or hotel. The system ensures that crews have the information they need around the clock. What’s more, crew controllers always have an overview and control of the current flight operations. The Problem Monitor provides advance information about disruptions to flight operations or logistics and enables you to react quickly by activating standby crews to correct irregularities, for example. Strong integration with NetLine/Ops ++ means we have created an opportunity for OCCs and crew controllers to exchange data and evaluate scenarios. This increases transparency, expands room for maneuver and enables proactive decision-making.

Keeping your crew members involved
With NetLine/Crew you can take your digital communication strategy to the next level. Communication and interaction options such as NetLine/Crew Crew Link, Interactive Duty Plan (IADP), TripTrade and OpenTime Management support vacation and request planning by enabling direct interaction with crew members. Communication and feedback on these interactions is fully automated through the NetLine/Crew environment.

Connectivity counts – NetLine/Crew Interface Platform
We have created a platform for your data exchange. With the NetLine/Crew Interface Platform you can export data from NetLine/Crew to various other systems such as business intelligence solutions. You can also import data to NetLine/Crew.

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Delivering high-customer experience starts already with a flexible and robust aircraft and crew schedule. With Lufthansa Systems NetLine suite, airlines can handle all crew and aircraft management processes. NetLine enables to balance profitability and operational constraints from long-term planning until the day of operations in an efficient way.

NetLine/Crew is a product based on the years of expertise of our experts. Would you like to drive to the top with one of our insiders? Then join our “We’re into IT” expert Alina Roloss in her office in Berlin!

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