NetLine/Crew Optimization Suite


Automation and optimization for the entire crew planning process

Key features
  • Completely automatized roster generation: Creation of highly efficient and robust pairing solutions
  • Highly flexible configuration via rule language and parametrization concept
  • Customized reporting for preparing detailed statistics on KPIs, value and cost distribution
  • Creation of reports for the planners and notes in the crew members' duty plans
  • Clear, comprehensible awarding process with automatic generation of rejection reasons
  • Customizable crew priority: You decide who will get the first pick
  • Handling of partner requests across all planning groups
  • Even distribution of the workload across crew bases
Key benefits
  • Substantial savings in crew costs due to advanced optimization techniques
  • Significant reduction of manpower and time required for planning
  • Meets the recommendations of EASA and FAA
  • Consideration of airline specific regulations
  • Unbiased and fair distribution of duties
  • Increased crew satisfaction due to higher preference fulfillment rate
  • Plan stability driven by less crew positioning and fewer aircraft changes
  • Enables you to evaluate the effect of changes in rules, base structure or schedules