NetLine/Crew Optimization Suite


Automation and optimization for the entire crew planning process

All data and especially rules are shared with the other NetLine/Crew modules. This means the data and rules are always 100% consistent. We naturally continue to develop our algorithms and employ new technologies. The costs and rules for all NetLine/Crew optimizers are programmed in a special rule language (ILOG) so that the optimization model can be adapted to your business needs. All rules are fully parameterized and thus easy to modify. Our optimizers enable you to quickly and flexibly respond to market changes as well as changes to your own company rules. With our optimizers, you can generate and evaluate multiple scenarios for what-if analyses and during the pairing and assignment process. Then you can choose the best solution for your airline. All of the optimizer results are displayed in the web-based NetLine/Crew Optimization Desk, which serves as the central point for evaluating and managing your optimizer activities.

NetLine/Crew Pairing xOPT - The optimizer for more efficient pairing
NetLine/Crew Pairing xOPT helps significantly boost the efficiency of your pairing process. Based on the latest optimization technology, it helps you rapidly generate legal, stable crew pairings for efficient planning. The optimizer also reduces deadhead flights, overnight hotel stays and daily expenses. The pairings are made more robust by avoiding aircraft changes and taking individual buffers for duty and rest period into account.

NetLine/Crew Fairness xOPT and NetLine/Crew Preferences xOPT - The optimizers for balanced, crew-friendly duty rosters
Our two advanced roster optimizers will help you boost your crew rostering process quickly and with little effort and generate high-quality roster plans!
NetLine/Crew Fairness xOPT and NetLine/Crew Preferences xOPT will support your crew scheduling department significantly in generating fast, legal, stable and cost-efficient roster solutions that also take crew-oriented aspects into consideration. NetLine/Crew Fairness xOPT assigns flight hours, duty shifts, stopovers and routings equally to all crew members. The principle of fair distribution ensures optimal personnel utilization. NetLine/Crew Preferences xOPT supplements NetLine/Crew Fairness xOPT by taking individual crew member preferences into account (e.g. destinations, early or late shifts) while generating fair duty rosters.

NetLine/Crew Preference Planner – Strictly seniority-based preference awarding
The NetLine/Crew Preference Planner will completely automate the awarding of preferences, strictly following the given priorities and respecting all legal requirements. NetLine/Crew Preference Planner is highly customizable: Crew member and pairing priorities can be defined with great flexibility. This also applies to defining reasons for rejection and to reporting.

Key features
  • Completely automatized roster generation: Creation of highly efficient and robust pairing solutions
  • Highly flexible configuration via rule language and parametrization concept
  • Customized reporting for preparing detailed statistics on KPIs, value and cost distribution
  • Creation of reports for the planners and notes in the crew members' duty plans
  • Clear, comprehensible awarding process with automatic generation of rejection reasons
  • Customizable crew priority: You decide who will get the first pick
  • Handling of partner requests across all planning groups
  • Even distribution of the workload across crew bases
Key benefits
  • Substantial savings in crew costs due to advanced optimization techniques
  • Significant reduction of manpower and time required for planning
  • Meets the recommendations of EASA and FAA
  • Consideration of airline specific regulations
  • Unbiased and fair distribution of duties
  • Increased crew satisfaction due to higher preference fulfillment rate
  • Plan stability driven by less crew positioning and fewer aircraft changes
  • Enables you to evaluate the effect of changes in rules, base structure or schedules