Crew Member System Interaction


NetLine/Crew supports the digital communication between the airlines and the crew and creates the basis for a seamless exchange between crew members and crew planners.

Giving real time access to the duty plan

Your crew members work in a very dynamic environment. They are expected to deal quickly with changes to the duty roster. This makes it even more important to give them the freedom to actively influence their roster and to do so as automatically as possible.
A good digital communication between the airline and the crew creates the basis for a seamless exchange between crew members and crew planners without having to make a telephone call.

NetLine/Crew supports your airline’s digital communication strategy. The functionalities range from crew notifications triggered by operational changes to the transmission of individual duty plan information and the independent interaction of crew members with the crew system.

Access to relevant information from anywhere - NetLine/Crew Crew Member Web Solution

The NetLine/Crew Crew Member Web Solution improves communication and interaction between crew planners and crew members. All crew members have access to all necessary service information, and the module interacts seamlessly with the NetLine/Crew core application and other modules. Crew members can call up the latest information on the individual duty plan at any time and from any location via the NetLine/Crew Crew Member Web Solution. In addition, several of the module’s crew management business processes are completely integrated into the NetLine/Crew core application and allow seamless interaction between the airline crews and the system.

The App for the crew - The Interactive Duty Plan (IADP)

The Interactive Duty Plan simplifies communication between crew members and crew management in one app.
With IADP, crew members can easily access the schedules and details of their roster via an app. Depending on the data protection basis of the respective airline, IADP enables the planned crew members for the next rotation to be viewed.
The respective crew member can access a check-in page directly via the duty plan. As soon as the check-in has taken place, that employee appears in the system as "checked in." This eases the daily load on crew controllers. Additionally, a localization function ensures that the check-in happens at the right place.
Changes to the roster are made fully automatically via a notification in the app, which is confirmed by the crew member. At the same time, an automatic notification appears in the crew tracking environment.
Last but not least, an information page provides the flying personnel with comprehensive information on duty times, flight times and a note on license renewal or the medical check.

Duty offer and trade functionalities for a better work-life balance – TripTrade and Open Time Management

We give your crew members the opportunity to influence their rosters as actively as possible. With the TripTrade functions, crew members can exchange rotations with each other as long as the legal framework (flight hours, working days, etc.) allows it. This means that other crew members are only offered trades that meet the requirements. Swapping the duties is performed fully automatic. The Crew Scheduler only intervenes when a rule violation occurs in the system. An integrated chat solution also enables the exchange of information between crew members and crew planners.
But we also offer crew members other ways of influencing duty schedules: with NetLine/Crew Open Time Management. Add, drop and swap functions allow crew members to adjust rosters while ensuring that contractual aspects with the airline are met and that sufficient reserve capacity is available.

The holiday planning solution for satisfied crew members - NetLine/Crew VacationPlanning

An effective and transparent holiday planning brings a high degree of crew satisfaction. The allocated holiday capacity is provided by NetLine/Crew ManpowerPlanning.
NetLine/Crew VacationPlanning covers the 4 phases of the holiday planning process: bidding, awarding, assignment and tracking. Especially during the bidding phase crew member can enter their wishes for vacation days through a highly intuitive User Interface. The other phases are managed in the NetLine/Crew VacationPlanning desktop application.


Key features
  • Time- and location-independent access to the individual shift plan
  • Fully integrated notification process
  • Supports location-based Crew Member Check-In and Check-Out process
  • Access to master data maintenance and briefing information at crew check-in
  • Crew input functionalities for duty exchange, requests and vacation
  • Time-independent communication between crews and crew planning
  • Access to duty plans on mobile devices
Key benefits
  • Full integration in the NetLine/Crew core application
  • Cost reduction due to high degree of automation for standard business processes
  • Increased crew satisfaction due to improved work-life balance
  • Integration into existing airline portal possible
  • Reduction of crew communication effort by crew planners