IOCC - Platform

The IOCC Platform consists of three core elements

The IOCC components

Integral to the IOCC Platform are its integrated components. These proven Lufthansa Systems solutions drive all airline operational processes from short-term schedule management, operations control and crew management to flight planning and weight & balance. Typically, business units handling these areas work from different locations and use different communication channels; not ideal to achieving seamless information flow, particularly important in managing day-to-day disruptions and achieving safe, on-time arrivals for passengers and cargo.

The IOCC Platform’s effective integration of data, processes and workflows addresses this problem by promoting faster decision-making, detecting and intercepting potential disruptions, and reducing delays. This is achieved through the platform’s powerful optimization and recovery tools covering the complete time range from initial planning to day of operations without any gaps.

IOCC Integration Layer

The IOCC components dock into the platform’s prefabricated, standardized and stable ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). It provides for the seamless exchange of data and communications between components. This layer also facilitates enhanced process integration and step-by-step, operationally-safe legacy system migration.

IOCC Management
Central to the integrated business platform is IOCC Management. Value-driven and based on multi-directional communications, it serves as the main decision-making component. The IOCC Platform strives to execute an airline’s flight schedule as close as possible to the original plan.

Would you like to benefit from improved cross-departmental optimization and control operational complexity more easily? The unique IOCC Integrated Control Panel provides an overview of key performance and key disruption indicators (KPI's, KDI's) which are relevant and specific for your airline's operation. Your OCC staff dealing with the day-to-day business will benefit from that comprehensive and integrated view on its operation. KPIs and KDIs indicate upcoming irregularities concerning your crews, any maintenance events, aircraft rotations, flight plans, passenger connections, load sheets etc. in an integrated, real-time and cross-departmental way and therewith support a pro-active problem detection, analysis as well as recovery.