IOCC - Components

IOCC Management

The cross-functional integration of operations control, passenger recovery and crew tracking is amplified by specially-designed recovery tools and dashboards. They offer a new way of pro-active problem analysis and integrated decision-making and are unique in the market.

  • NetLine/Sched
    supports all aspects of schedule development and management by providing a powerful and easy way to visualize and modify schedules as well as to evaluate the feasibility and profitability of alternative network and scheduling scenarios.
  • NetLine/Ops
    ensures the supervision of the daily operation and the maintenance schedule in a proactive manner. The system assists the operations controller in evaluating and solving problems in an intuitive way - legally compliant, fast and cost efficient. NetLine/Ops comprises powerful support for tail assignment, movement control, ATC slot handling, hub control and much more.
  • NetLine/Crew
    supports the entire crew management process, covering all phases from pairing construction via crew assignment to crew tracking and post-flight activities. With a set of optimizers and decision support tools, crew planners and controllers can create and maintain efficient duty rosters.
  • Lido Flight
    caters to a wide range of applications for all planning phases in flight operations; strategic, long-term planning, daily operation and post-flight analysis. Any operational flight plan can be generated either manually, fully automated or at any other level of manual intervention within the flight planning process.
  • NetLine/Load
    handles the weight & balance process of an airline in an integrated and efficient way. It keeps track of all the updates from relevant partners that interact before the flight departs: reservations, cargo, flight dispatch, movement control, ramp, check-in and fueling - so process stability is safeguarded.