Ground Operations Solutions

Integrated solutions for more flexibility, control and efficiency in flight operations

Flight scheduling, operations control, crew management, flight route planning and load control – state-of-the-art technology is critical for all of these business processes. With its operations solutions portfolio Lufthansa Systems provides all of the systems needed to meet the requirements of airlines today.

Fast Figures

  • 45 percent of all flights within Europe are calculated with our Lido Flight flight planning solution.


  • Emirates calculates routes which save money and fuel using Lido Flight.
  • Air Berlin relied on NetLine/Sched for its medium-term flight scheduling.
  • The Brazilian airline GOL uses the NetLine/Ops ++ IT solution for operations control.
  • Aerolineas Argentinas optimizes its load planning processes with NetLine/Load.
  • Ryanair plans its crew rotations using NetLine/Crew.

Flight operations are a highly complex system which involves controlling the deployment of aircraft, pilots and flight attendants and calculating flight routes, payloads and fuel requirements in a very dynamic environment. At the same time, all operational activities must be coordinated in the most efficient way to meet the requirements of the airline, comply with a number of legal and contractual regulations and make the best use of expensive resources. These individual elements are linked to each other in various ways. Operational tasks are difficult enough under normal conditions, but they become a real challenge when the airways are congested, bad weather conditions prevails, or a flight has to be canceled for technical reasons. It would be impossible to control flight operations without sophisticated IT solutions.

Integrated solutions for all aspects of flight operations

Lufthansa Systems supplies integrated IT solutions for managing safe, reliable and cost-efficient flight operations. The company’s portfolio covers all aspects of flight operations, including flight planning, operations control, crew management, flight route planning and load control.

The operations solutions products are divided into two families: The NetLine family which covers all IT solutions for resource planning, and the Lido family for optimal route planning.

  • NetLine/Sched is a high-quality optimization tool for improving short- to medium-term flight schedules from an operational and economic perspective. Flight schedules are influenced by many different factors and frequently need to be changed. NetLine/Sched helps evaluate “what-if” scenarios and automatically calculates their commercial efficiency.
  • NetLine/Ops ++ is a powerful system which automatically identifies and analyzes schedule deviations and gives operations controllers plenty of time to make adjustments. Economically and operationally smart decisions can lower the cost of schedule deviations for airlines and minimize the impact on passengers.
  • NetLine/Crew supports all phases of crew management, from crew pairing, rostering and tracking to post-flight evaluation, statistics and documentation. The innovative NetLine/Crew solution automates the management of crew layovers, particularly for last-minute changes. This means that planners can concentrate entirely on implementing rosters that make economic sense and meet complex legal requirements and wage agreement specifications.
  • NetLine/Load supports aircraft load planning and automates the handling process. NetLine/Load does this by consolidating all relevant data on passengers, baggage, cargo, mail, route planning and flight dispatch, monitoring the overall process and optimizing the load planning process e.g. regarding fuel consumption. With this intelligent solution, airlines can lower costs and tap additional revenue potential.

While the products in the NetLine suite are designed for optimizing planning processes, the products in the Lido family focus on optimizing route planning and minimizing the operational stress on planes and engines.

  • Lido Flight is a leading IT solution for flight route planning. It enables airlines to optimize their route planning in terms of flying time, costs and fuel consumption. By choosing the ideal routes, airlines can lower their fuel consumption by up to five percent.
  • Lido FPLS is a service provided by Lufthansa Systems for generating complete flight plan packages for airlines.
  • Lido Performance supports the calculation of optimal take-off thrust and landing parameters while taking the current obstacle situation into account. This solution comprises the Lido Take-Off, Lido Landing and Lido Obstacle Data modules. Lido Performance can be used as a standalone solution or integrated into the Lido Flight flight planning solution to optimize fuel consumption during the route planning phase.