Volunteering time in lockdown to create a positive impact: #NEPALVSCOVID19



The Impact Week initiative #NEPALVSCOVI19 – a virtual design thinking challenge – took place on April 17-19, with the goal to find solutions to some of the problems arising in Nepal due to the coronavirus. The challenge was initiated and organized by our colleagues at zeroG – Aman Bhattarai and Tilo Hillmer – who organized the Impact Week in Kathmandu in 2019, and supported by Danny Tobisch (zeroG) who was a coach during the challenge and Lyndal Moeller (Lufthansa Systems Lido) as lead for marketing and communication.

During the challenge, 54 Nepali students and young professionals around the world joined 21 design thinking experts, and worked completely virtually across 5 time zones to come up with implementable solutions for current challenges in Nepal in the areas of education, health, community and business.

“Utilizing the lockdown as an opportunity, we have witnessed that virtual collaboration can equally enable to foster innovation entrepreneurship across the world,” said Aman Bhattarai.

The winning solution: The “Corona Warriors” solution aims to train medical students to communicate information about the coronavirus and promote good hygiene in villages throughout Nepal. The benefit of the solution is twofold, (1) it will help contain the spread of the coronavirus throughout Nepal and (2) help medical students gain field experience and financial support. The winning team is currently discussing with representatives from the Nepal Medical Council, World Health Organization Nepal and doctors from the Nepal Medical Association, to develop their training content and aim to launch their solution in the upcoming months.

In addition to the winning team, three other teams in the areas of health and education are currently working on implementing their solutions. These range from an app for health professionals, providing them with latest updates, trainings and webinars, best practices and recommendations for practicing self-care, to an educational platform helping students currently preparing for the Secondary Education Examination to stay motivated.


Watch all ten final solutions here.  

Inspired by #NEPAVSCOVID19, #KENYAVSCOVID19 took place on May 1-3, and #NIGERIAVSCOVID19 is planned for the end of May.


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