Lido eRouteManual: Tutorials

Interested in learning more about our electronic navigation charts for Windows-based tablets? Watch our latest Lido eRouteManual tutorials to find out more.


Lido eRouteManual 5.2 Tutorial – Aircraft Type Filter

The aircraft type filter helps pilots to quickly find the right charts for their aircraft type. In the aircraft type filter, all aircraft types operated by an airline will be available for selection - this is tailored to each airline's fleet. Once the aircraft type has been selected - either manually or automatically through the inclusion of the aircraft type in the ARINC 633 flight plan - all relevant charts will move to the top of the selection. By filtering out fleet-specific charts that are not of interest to the pilot, we are helping pilots to find necessary information faster.

Lido eRouteManual 5.2 Tutorial – Hiding the Own-Ship Symbol

The hiding of the own-ship symbol during flight operations allows pilots to manually hide or show the symbol on the terminal charts and enroute using the location button. This feature was introduced to ensure that our application remains compliant with the certification specifications outlined in AMC 20-25.

Lido eRouteManual 4.7 – Internal GPS

This tutorial for Lido eRouteManual 4.7 will show you how to use the internal GPS support for Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE.

Lido eRouteManual 4.7 – Arming Function

This tutorial for Lido eRouteManual 4.7 will show you how to configure the arming function on Lido AMM.

Lido eRouteManual 4.3 Tutorial 1 – Flight Setup

Lido eRouteManual 4.3 Tutorial 2 – Enroute Module

Lido eRouteManual 4.3 Tutorial 3 – Lido AMM