Easy invoice conversion into an electronic format
Simplify your invoice processing - Process automation for PDF invoices

If you’re still being issued with PDF invoices for your direct operating costs, it’s likely that you’re expending a considerable amount of time and manual effort in processing them into machine-readable data.
If so, then Sirax/Convert is the solution you need.

Consign your manual and error-prone processes to history with Sirax/Convert’s innovative, analytical approach that reduces errors in the conversion process from PDF to an electronic format in a way that is considerably superior to the vagaries of optical character recognition (OCR) technology.


Save time and costs, and concentrate on the essentials.

Key features
  • Extended data validation
  • Any format support as output
  • No extra software required: Sirax/Convert is a service
Key benefits
  • Automates your invoice reconciliation process
  • Significantly reduces your invoice handling costs and time
  • No change to your processes
  • No change to the supplier-side invoice issuing process