sEngine – the Data Security Engine

An innovative approach increasing data privacy and securing all types of sensitive information
Shield your sensitive customer and company data – quickly and simply

A major threat: the increasing leakage and misuse of sensitive information.

  • The reaction: increasing data privacy awareness by people and stronger data protection regulations by governance bodies
  • A clever solution: sEngine - the Data Security Engine.
  • The company: Lufthansa Systems with its passion to handle sensitive data diligently

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to shield your applications as well as your and your customers' sensitive data on a significantly higher security level and to substantially lower privacy-induced costs at the same time? And wouldn’t it be great to reduce your risk at short notice as our appoach typically shows short project lead times?

Cyber crime is a global threat. You are already under attack – twenty-four-seven. It is merely a matter of time until hackers are successful. It is time for action. Contact us!

Key features
  • Replacement of all types of sensitive information by e.g. surrogate numbers and/or secure links to encrypted objects
  • Secure adapters to connect and shield sensitive data in all types of business applications
  • Fully automated key management
  • Two-level logging of all relevant data according to your company regulations or mandatory local data protection laws.
  • 24/7 security information and event management (SIEM)
Key benefits
  • Accounts for existing and upcoming strong data protection requirements
  • Stepwise approach: Minimize potential security gaps while keeping business processes stable
  • Significantly lowered risk of misuse as well as financial and image-damaging effects
  • Efforts increase and maintain the security level are reduced to a minimum
  • Fast implementation due to gradual and risk-minimized approach
  • Based on a highly available and globally used proven solution