NetLine/Load MobileSolution


NetLine/Load MobileSolution makes your load control process on the ramp paperless, more efficient and less error-prone!

Digitalized load control on the ramp

The NetLine/Load MobileSolution is designed for mobile devices to support ramp agent requirements and the load control workflow. It allows the ramp agent to simultaneously update the core Weight and Balance system directly from the apron. As a result, the load control process is completely paperless, more efficient and less error-prone.

The ramp agent can search flights by simply typing in the flight number and add them to his personal dashboard showing all flights assigned to him. The dashboard provides full transparency in case more than one flight has to be processed.

Ramp agents can easily retrieve flight and load details by tapping on the respective information. The Flight Details tab displays all necessary operational information such as STD, ETD, position and all available documents (Load Plan, Load Sheet). It also provides the user with the actual workflow status and trim bar.

On the Load Plan tab, the ramp agent can update and edit load items on a graphical load plan in real time and confirm them as physically loaded. The load controller can track all changes in real time to ensure he is always up-to-date about the current loading process.

The ramp agent also has access to all flight-leg related notifications. By indicating the load controller with the “ramp final” that the loading activities are finished, the load controller can immediately start to create the load sheet. Moreover a chat-functionality enables immediate exchange of information between all involved stakeholders (for instance ramp agent, load controller and cargo agent, etc.) as well. All load documents can be printed out wireless on the ramp via a Bluetooth printer.

Key features
  • Display of actual workflow status, flight and load information
  • Update and edit of load items in real-time
  • Immediate access to all flight leg related notifications and load documents
  • Chat functionality between all involved stakeholders
Key benefits
  • Ramp agent can update and edit load items directly into the core system
  • Load control process is paperless, more efficient and less error-prone
  • Ramp agent is always up-to-date with latest load sheet or load plan editions
  • Immediate exchange of information between all involved stakeholders