mCabin/Library+ is the crew’s personal digital document app where a library of the crew manuals and any specific airline documents are readily available
mCabin/Library+ - Digital Documents for your Crew
All the crew manuals in one small app

mCabin/Library+ brings functionality to the crew that makes managing and finding information simple and quick. After log-in a screen displays the documents that need to be synchronised – keeping data traffic down to what is necessary.  Notes and highlights enable the crew member to mark individual sections that they can go back to later and a search function mean easy navigation through the various manuals.  

All the advantages of an integrated solution
The solution is designed to make document management simple as mCabin/Library+ is fully integrated with Lido/Navigation’s proven Document Viewer Management System (DVMS) providing the backend application and an administrator web interface that make this the perfect package.

mCabin/Library+  is available as a standalone, fully integrated app or as one of the selectable modules of the mCabin app.

Key features
  • Push notification informing the crew of updates
  • Notes and highlights for personal reference
  • Administrator interface for ease of editing
Key benefits
  • Up-to-date and easily accessible crew manuals
  • Substantial savings on paper and printing
  • A complete package - ready for deployment