mCabin/CityGuide is the crew’s personal city guide providing interesting and important local information about all destinations on your network
mCabin/CityGuide - up-to-date layover and city information
Great destination information for your crew

mCabin/CityGuide is an app specifically designed for your crew. It is designed to be edited and updated easily by the crew and crew management. It contains not only important operational information such as the local contacts, crew hotels and pick-up times but also the crew’s very own tips and tricks for where to go and what to do. Star ratings and easy in-app feedback allow these tips to be monitored, edited and improved.  

mCabin/CityGuide has a modern design and easy navigation and once synchronised it can be used offline - minimising data traffic and roaming usage costs.

It is a modern cross-platform app for your crew bringing fun, involvement and motivation to your front line teams.

mCabin/CityGuide - Discover your Destination
Key features
  • Selection of destinations
  • A Web Admin UI for editors
  • In-app editing also possible
  • Offline available
Key benefits
  • Local and relevant crew destination information
  • Relevant  and up-to-date
  • Rating and Feedback of tips and tricks
  • Can be used on own device - BYOD