Lido Pilot Solutions


Providing pilots with the right information at the right time

Easing pilots’ workflow and improving their situational awareness

Precise navigation is fundamental when it comes to performing safe and efficient flight operations. One single high-quality data source forms the basis of our portfolio of pilot solutions. Our dynamic navigation maps, available on both Windows and iOS, support your mission from gate to gate.

To ensure that we provide you with the highest possible level of quality and usability, we jointly develop our products with pilots and navigation experts. Naturally, we take all international aviation authority requirements into account.

Lido applications are integrated into various EFB & avionic-system solutions, which enable the full benefits of flight deck connectivity. A common backend for the Windows and iOS platforms helps administrators track the status of every device throughout your entire fleet. Our navigation maps are always available in our cloud-based backup solution, ensuring operational continuity in case of failure of the navigation applications or product backend systems.