Lido Flight Planning Solutions

Supporting airlines in saving time and money
The most reliable and accurate flight planning solution

In a truly dynamic air-traffic-management environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult to observe all available options or restrictions on an everyday basis.
Lido Flight 4D provides an integrated solution that combines the delivery of:

  • Industry-leading dynamic data delivery and processing services
  • Interfaces to/from all relevant external systems
  • Flight planning and flight following processes
  • Reliable automation capabilities based on real-time data & restrictions
  • Mobile crew briefing solutions
  • Cloud hosting services (MS Azure)
  • A 24/7 helpdesk staffed by certificated airmen

The holistic approach of integrating data from various sources directly into the Lido Flight 4D engine supports flight dispatchers and airlines in achieving maximum operational efficiency, safety and stability.

Lido Flight 4D – used both directly by our airline customers and as the foundation for our flight-planning service, Lido FPLS – considers the optimal balance point between fuel cost, time cost and ATC charges. This enables significant savings potential and helps to achieve a ROI within the first year of operation.  


Lido Flight 4D

Lido Flight 4D

Lido Flight 4D supports dispatchers to evaluate the optimal route while taking current flight-related data into account.


Flight Planning Services - Lido FPLS calculates your operational flight plan via our web-interface.