Lido Surface Data NEXTView (Terrain)


Highest quality, up-to-date, certified terrain database

Worldwide terrain data for all your aviation needs

Inaccurate or outdated terrain data in your aviation applications and systems can pose a serious safety threat. This is why the Lido Surface Data NEXTView not only provides the highest quality of data with continual updates, but also incorporates our airport database in the terrain computational process. This significantly increases the accuracy of data around aerodromes, where precision is vital. It is currently the first and only product in the market to receive the EASA Service Provider Certificate Type 1 for terrain data.

The Lido Surface Data NEXTView is the world’s first high-resolution geospatial digital elevation model (DEM), specifically designed to meet the needs of the aviation industry. It was developed in collaboration with Intermap Technologies, an industry leader in geospatial intelligence solutions.

Multiple data sources are used to combine the benefits of the different acquisition methods. Due to this, Lido’s 3D database reveals an unprecedented detail of surface features. These include islands, airport infrastructure and buildings, which are relevant for aviation systems, such as terrain collision avoidance systems.

See the difference:

Blackrock Island, Ireland / SRTM

Blackrock Island, Ireland / Lido Surface Data NEXTView

The terrain database reveals safety-critical islands, terrain and buildings that are missing or incorrect in other datasets.


Lido Surface Data NEXTView is designed for use by aviation applications and systems, including:

  • Synthetic vision systems (SVS), combined vision systems (CVS)
  • Terrain awareness and ground proximity warning systems (TAWS, EGPWS)
  • Flight planning, procedure design and performance calculations
  • Aeronautical charting, maps, navigation and simulation
  • Emergency landing site location evaluation, drift-down procedure calculation
  • Drone operations and drone planning


Key features
  • High resolution, seamless 6-meter digital elevation model
  • Vertical accuracy up to 3 meters LE90
  • Incorporation of airport database in terrain computational process, increasing data quality around aerodromes
Key benefits
  • Data continuously updated to address changes in an ever-changing environment
  • EASA Service Provider Certificate Type 1 and regular audits, ensuring highest data quality
  • Flexible tailoring to suit the specific needs of your innovative applications and systems
  • Enhancing the safety and efficiency of your operations