Lido Surface Data Obstacles

Lido Surface Data Obstacles Petrona towers

Standardized database of more than 3.5 million obstacles worldwide

Key features
  • Worldwide collection of obstacles published by authoritative (official state) sources, such as Aeronautical Information Publications (AIPs), electronic terrain and obstacle data (eTOD) and NOTAMs
  • Standardized database containing more than 3.5 million obstacles around the globe
  • Various export formats, including CSV, ESRI Shapefile, AIXM 5.1
  • True representation of obstacle features, whether point, line, or polygon geometries
  • Data processing according to RTCA DO-200 and in line with latest industry standards DO-276 and DO-291
Key benefits
  • Up-to-date database, updated every AIRAC cycle
  • Extensive metadata characterizing every obstacle in detail (more than 60 attributes)
  • Generic database structure and flexible data filtering, allowing for the use in a broad set of applications
  • EASA Service Provider Certificate Type 1 and regular audits, ensuring highest data quality