Take-off with Lido

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A new generation of flight and navigation solutions

In the flight-planning and navigation processes, digitalization is a game changer.
The entire dispatch process is becoming increasingly dynamic and data driven.
State-of-the-art apps are replacing paper charts. New technologies provide opportunities to display real-time tactical data, such as weather, airspace, and traffic information.

Lufthansa Systems with its Lido solutions supports you increasing the safety and reducing the workload of your entire mission – both on the ground and in the air.

Take off into the future with a reliable, strategic partner.


Lido Vision - Total Mission Optimization (TMO)

Lido Data Solutions

High-quality aeronautical data with worldwide coverage

Lido Flight Planning Solutions

Supporting airlines in saving time and money

Lido Pilot Solutions

Providing pilots with the right information at the right time.