taxService – the Tax Processing Service


Get relaxed with accurate governmental taxes and automated industry updates. We show you how to prepare for the future with NDC and ONE Order.

taxService – the Tax Processing Service as a worldwide web service

Enjoy fully automated tax determination

taxService calculates all taxes (TTBS, RATD, PFC tax) to be applied, based on the details of a journey. Depending on routing, issuing conditions and other details of a passenger's journey, our web service checks the tax rules in order to apply journey and sector taxes for the travel. The published YQ/YR conditions are also checked to validate that they are applied properly.

How does our taxService work? The tax calculation is based on ATPCO (X1/2), which includes all TTBS and RATD taxes; YQ/YR and PFC taxes are also supported. All daily updates delivered from ATPCO are automatically loaded into the engine database. Our taxService is based on SAP Netweaver and provides all interface functions, master data and web services for an easy turnkey integration into any application. Even better - our worldwide web service will be maintained and adjusted according to industry changes.

Key features
  • Cloud-ready MS Azure
  • Price optimization provides all parameters for tax calculation
  • Accurate tax calculation
  • Automated data processing
Key benefits
  • Maintenance and customer support included
  • Ready for NDC and ONE Order
  • No manual data maintenance
  • Cost reduction