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SIRAX/Convert – one of the leading digitalization services for invoices worldwide

Automate invoice processing.

SIRAX/Convert performs an electronic data conversion from pdf (or any paper document) to an IsXML file of all invoices or credit/debit notes your receive or issue. On top of that, it conducts a formal data validation.

How does it work? The process starts with receiving or issuing an invoice, credit or debit note. This document is transferred to SIRAX/Convert, either as a PDF file or paper copy. SIRAX/Convert identifies the document structure of each invoice type, e.g. an incoming invoice. The invoice content is extracted and converted into an IsXML file or any other requested data format. At the same time, the data is validated automatically. After conversion, PDF and IsXML documents are forwarded to the designated invoice recipient. The whole process is fully automated.

In addition to "simple" PDF invoice conversion, our service also comprises

  • Digital signature
  • Extended validation services
  • Verification services
  • Data enrichment
  • Archiving


Key features
  • Benefits for invoice sender
  • No printing costs
  • No enveloping and postage costs
Key benefits
  • Benefits for invoice recipients
  • Simplified initial handling
  • Simplified data recording and invoice control
  • Depending on the actual processes and environment significant savings are achievable