Automate your payments reconciliation process - and save yourself time and effort and reduce your costs

Automate your payment reconciliation process - and save yourself time and a lot of effort: As part of our Community, you benefit from our solution that eliminates the need for time-consuming research to determine whether a card payment has actually been fully processed.

SmartLedger is a 100% back-office system with a single point of access that provides a critical driver for your payment reconciliation, acquirer fee optimization and accounting.

It considers the optimal balance point between ticket, order and ticketless sales, utilizations, acquirer transactions, settlements, account statements, accounting and fee reconciliation and reconciliations.

SmartLedger - transparent, simple and trendy

Now the search is over: Lufthansa Systems has developed SmartLedger for payment reconciliation and control for airline finance departments. The web-based application based on SaaS (Software as a Service) can process credit cards, debit cards, wallet and alternative payment types. What SmartLedger brings to your business? It automates the payment process, increases deposit control, cash flow, reduces fraud as well as claims and provides full transparency in payment and settlement. Of course, you also gain time ¬- and save yourself a lot of frustration!

SmartLedger enables airlines to match sales data for tickets, orders, ticketless and ancillary services with actual payment processing data and account statements. The easy-to-use tool can be adapted to all financial and payment platforms. It rearranges financial management, chargebacks and reporting data in a new and clear way.

Key features
  • Monitoring of the entire payment process
  • Web-based application based on SaaS
  • Automated reconciliation and chargeback workflows based on PNR level and cash flow monitoring
  • Real-time information for handling matching, claims and acquirer fees
Key benefits
  • Avoid loss of revenue
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Full transparency
  • Easy to use tool