Save costs by using a centralized settlement for all your payment streams. Be part of our SIRAX® community.

SIRAX/Credit - the full settlement, reconciliation and accounting tool for any payment

Centralize settlement, reduce costs

Airline credit card billing processes usually differ from country to country. SIRAX/Credit uses harmonized invoicing to generate significant cost savings, enabling you to bypass local service providers and fees. This creates additional transparency and ensures that more detailed data can be provided to the credit card companies. SIRAX/Credit supports the entire process of billing and accounting for payments (credit cards and alternative payments) as well as claim handling. Additional reporting functions complete the range of services.    

SIRAX/Credit can be used with the Lufthansa Systems Revenue Accounting Solution or as a standalone product with any SAP Simple Finance system. Moreover, your airline can benefit from hosted products and services using our application service provider (ASP) model.

Key features
  • Quick settlement and support for alternative payments
  • Flexible configuration to customers’ needs
  • Integrated background real-time accounting
  • Perfect ERP Integration
Key benefits
  • Cost savings with centralized settlement
  • High degree of automation
  • Reliable and scalable for any airline size
  • Modular configuration for tailoring to individual business needs