pEngine – the PCI Compliance Engine

Finance Solutions - pEngine (© iStock/ Wavebreakmedia)
Finance Solutions - pEngine (© iStock/ Wavebreakmedia)

Facilitate your PCI DSS compliance. We show you how to reduce scope and make your company PCI compliant – quickly and simply.

pEngine – PCI compliance at minimum cost and without data breaches

Decrease the threat of misused card holder data

Misuse of card holder data is a serious threat.

The answer to this threat is PCI DSS, a payment security standard defined by major payment brands. A clever solutionto this, is our pEngine –  the PCI Compliance Engine.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to take your applications out of scope of PCI DSS, bypass the PCI burden, increase security and lower PCI DSS costs significantly at the same time? And wouldn’t it be great to reduce your risk at short notice, as our approach typically results in short project lead times?

Cyber crime is a global threat. You are already under attack – 24/7. It is merely a matter of time when hackers will be successful. It is time for action, so contact us. We are passionate about securing customer data.

Key features
  • Replacement of PANs by tokens in incoming data streams and v.v.
  • Secure adapters to connect and shield all kinds of applications in all types of businesses
  • Fully automated key management in accordance with PCI DSS
  • Two-level logging of all relevant data in accordance with PCI DSS and local rules
  • 24/7 security information and event management (SIEM)
Key benefits
  • Shielded applications are taken out of the focus of PCI DSS
  • Risk of misuse as well as financial and image-damaging effects significantly lowered
  • Efforts to become and stay PCI DSS compliant are reduced to a minimum
  • Fast implementation due to gradual and risk-minimized approach
  • High available and globally used proven solution, PCI-DSS certified