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Finance Solutions Services
Finance Solutions Services

Easy Payment Management, designed for airlines and the whole travel industry. We enable fast and smooth payments for customers using their payment provider of choice anywhere in the world.

There is a big variety of card scheme rules, complex card fees and extensive security demands. Adding new payment methods to the current system is difficult and expensive. Customer payment experience is challenging, Sales is decreasing. Fraud and chargeback are increasing steadily.

Our product consolidates the payment process at one place. It is there to...

  • connect new payment options & acquirer flexibly and fast with our agile team. 
  • benefit from an airline focused payment platform where many airline specific payment options and acquirers are already connected. 
  • reduce process fees by circumnavigate PSPs.
  • reduce drop-off rates by offering latest & convenient payment options
  • full scale reporting and  provision of sales & payment related data.
  • reduce your PCI DSS scope to a minimum by using our PCI DSS certified tokenization technology.

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Key features
  • Direct connection into the card networks.
  • Plug & play API based cloud solution.
  • Airline specific payment options.
  • Settlement, reconciliation and chargeback automated plus a transparent fee structure.
Key benefits
  • Simplify your payment integration.
  • Reduce implementation costs.
  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Increase direct sales.