Payment Hub


Easy Payment Management, designed for airlines. We enable fast and smooth payments for customers using their payment provider of choice anywhere in the world.

Fast, secure and offering as many options as possible - nowadays, customers have high expectations when they make payments on airlines’ websites.

Digital transformation, in the form of NDC and ONE Order, is bringing new opportunities and changes to the airline industry. In order to meet all expectations, airlines must be able to build a payment gateway that connects with various Payment Service Providers and acquirers from different regions around the world. At the same time, their payment systems need to be compliant with payment security standards such as PCI DSS, PSD2 in order to provide customers with a safe online payment environment.

Payment Hub supports the airlines in solving these challenges. It enables easy and smooth payments for customers using their payment provider of choice anywhere in the world.

Payment Hub has been developed to meet the specific needs of the airline industry.

Key features
  • Consolidate all payment data with one API
  • Enable customers to pay in multiple currencies
  • Set up 3D Secure authentication eligibility rules based on airline itinerary data
  • Payment reporting based on payment statistics to gain airline business insights
  • Use tokenized card data via Payment Hub for PCI DSS compliant payments
  • Open API documentation, where you can test our solutions beforehand
  • Use the highly customizable payment page to keep your UI out of PCI DSS scope
Key benefits
  • Connection with different PSPs from all over the world
  • Easy and fast integration to neighboring airline IT systems
  • Batch handling for airline-specific data from the IATA standard
  • Simple integration of new payment services into the running operation
  • Better risk/fraud management by passing on airline itinerary data to the acquirers and fraud check providers
  • Smart routing to route payments to the acquirer which offers the best pricing